National Accident Helpline

National Accident Helpline

The repercussions of an accident go far beyond physical injuries



National Accident Helpline commissioned a new comprehensive study to reveal the true extent of injuries can have on an individuals life. 

The study surveyed over 100 people as well as in-depth interviews with healthcare professionals. 

As National Accident Helpline's content partner agency, we were asked to create a campaign highlighting the findings of the study.


We devised a full awareness campaign working across social, online and print to show the emotional and sometimes life-changing impact of accidental trauma. 

For those who have suffered or indeed are still suffering, dealing with their situation is a very raw and emotionally sensitive area.

We created a complete and evolving suite of bespoke content that was caring and compassionate. 

It involved filmed case studies, interviews with experts and psychologists, help guides, animations and a full report. 

We teamed up with TV GP Dr Hilary Jones to give a reassuring, friendly face to the issues that people can trust.


The campaign resonated strongly with National Accident Helpline’s social audience, especially from a potential customer perspective on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Engagement has risen by 80% on Facebook in particular.
NAH’s most engaging social media post to date (Dr Hilary’s interview)
43% uplift in traffic (Direct referrals to the website from the social campaign)


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