National Accident Helpline

National Accident Helpline

The repercussions of an accident go far beyond physical injuries

Killer content – and it’s no accident

Nurturing and developing an engaged social audience in a sensitive industry

Round I - The Brief 

National Accident Helpline are the UK's leading provider of personal injury advice, services, and support, hoping to expose the life-changing impact of accidental injuries.

The brand were on the hunt for a fresh approach to their social media and content marketing. The aim: to engage existing followers and build an active community.

In came Brawl, brought on as a retained content agency, we provided a comprehensive offering, including content strategy, community management, asset production and campaign promotion.

Round II - The Brawl

We began by creating annual marketing plans, focusing on improving brand awareness and sentiment on social and in the press. This meant developing a sharp understanding of the audience; having sensitivity to the emotional nature of the content and appreciation of their relationship with the brand. 

We delivered a diverse mixture of business as usual and campaign-based content, administered at multiple touchpoints throughout the customer journey. Creating a complete and evolving suite of bespoke content that was caring, compassionate and engaging. This included:

Filmed case studies

Interviews with experts, psychologists and TV GPs

Video FAQs

Help guides

Hero animations 

Comprehensive reports

Round III - K.O.

The outcome? A total knockout. The brand saw significant audience growth, increased share of voice, record levels of engagement and became the most engaging brand in its sector across social media. 

223% increase in year-on-year social engagement across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

49% increase in year-on-year site referrals from social sources 

79% increase in average session duration on the website

154% increase in goal conversion rate

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