Global content creation? We’re all in.

Creating and adapting entertaining content across multiple territories.

 Round I - The Brief 

888.com are a market leader in the global online gaming industry, an award-winning online gaming provider, they hold the principles of trust and credibility at their core.

As a global brand, 888.com constantly need advertisements creating and adapting for different locations, across their sports, casino, and poker brands.

One ad could be adapted several times, with considerations around language, culture, media, and legal requirements.

 Round II - The Brawl 

Brawl have worked on a range of work for 888, including creating TV spots, international adaptations, events, tournaments, promotions, VOD and social content.

Most assets created have been adapted to suit several different international audiences.

We have years of experience and expertise in this industry, with detailed knowledge of legal broadcasting requirements, cultural differences around gambling and gaming, differences in tone of voice and knowledge of technical requirements for several countries.

 Round III - K.O. 

Brawl have successfully adapted 888 advertisements for over 8 years now, working across numerous territories, creating thousands of videos.

We’ve successfully adapted advertisements for TV, Video on Demand, and social media, across casino, sport and poker.

Ads initially created in the UK have been made suitable for both American and Canadian audiences, as well as audiences across Europe, including Germany, Spain, Italy and Romania to name a few.

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