Social teasers that speak volumes? Sounds like a winner.

Attracting and engaging social audiences to a range of fantastic fiction.

 Round I - The Brief 

Audible are the world’s largest producer of digital audiobooks, owned by, audible have thousands of best-selling audiobooks to choose from.

Audible were in need of some sound storytelling, to get readers hungry for the latest audiobook releases. They had serval different projects to promote from formidable thrillers to captivating classics.

Each audiobook needed a cracking creative, to attract the audience, and encourage downloads. The teasers were needed for social channels and the audible website.

 Round II - The Brawl 

Brawl have worked on several audiobook releases, each with a different creative direction including: Sour Hall, Hellcats, The Rabbit Girls, The Apartment and Silent Child.

We provided creative concepts for teasing each book, ranging from creepy trailer style teasers to entertaining interviews with well-known voice actors.

We filmed, produced, and edited each video, packaging them up with everything the client could need, from promotional copy to graphics.

 Round III - K.O. 

The result? An amazing collection of promotional content. Over 50,000 views on YouTube for each video and one happy customer.

Brawl Leeds Brand Communication Audible 1
Brawl Leeds Brand Communication Agency Audible 2
Brawl Leeds Brand Communication Agency Audible 3
Brawl Leeds Brand Communication Agency Audible 4

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