The hidden power behind some of the world’s top brands

 Owning a crowded B2B market


While Genesys may not be in the public eye, this global software solutions provider is the ‘back office’ for some seriously big businesses. As a global operator themselves, they needed to spread the word about their good work in many different territories. But cutting through the noise was proving a challenge.


First of all we helped Genesys with an ownable look & feel and tone of voice that was consistent across multiple territories yet was tailored to each. We built upon their existing brand identity and developed new and exciting iterations that were eye-catching and on-brand. Working with Genesys internationally, we addressed both internal and external audiences in numerous ways: Social campaigns, events, training, blogs, product launches and more.


Genesys is a large and multidisciplined challenge. One of the more measurable projects is a social campaign across 

EMEA & North America that produced 1.4m hits across the campaign with 20% engagement rate. 


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