The Jockey Club

The Jockey Club

The going was rough: A website and customer engagement that needed some major TLC. We saddled up…



The Jockey Club were in trouble. 

Their flagship website “Racing Explained” was really underperforming. 

Even on the most top performing pages, bounce rates were super high at 83%. 

Exit rates not much better at 51%.


First of all, a content audit revealed what to lose, relocate, repurpose or remain. 

This was driven by SEO considerations and in line with the new UX for the site. 

We used the insights gained from the audit to create a content strategy that identified new content required to target specific search terms. 

This included keyword search, audience, competitor and gap analysis.


After the re-launch of the site, we recorded page views up by over 110% 

average time on page up by 41%, a huge 167% entrance rate 

and completely turned around those horrible bounce and exit rates - down to 3% and 27% respectively. 

Our work turned a lame nag into a thoroughbred, making 

the ultimate resource for all things horse racing.


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