The Speed Of Social

The Speed Of Social

17th Nov 2019

Social media marketing is always evolving. It’s a constant stream of updates, new platforms, new tools, new ways to work. One area that we are often asked about is the speed of social media and how marketing departments should adapt to it.

Most companies understand that a traditional model of research, brief, creative treatment and delivery over many weeks is no longer valid. Social media practitioners must have keen eyes and ears and be able to react quickly. And jumping on trends can turbo charge any campaign.

There will be activity planned around events and launches that can be crafted and reviewed, but often it is the quick turnaround that brings the big rewards.

But things are evolving.

The growth of real-time activity is replacing short-time. Teams should think about multiple moments, a stream of content, delivered in real-time, to achieve the same impact. The emergence of real-time content sharing is the next challenge for marketing teams.

Need For Speed

A stream of content can be built around a moment, which gives it greater context. It must be contextualised for each platform and understanding the difference between evergreen and throw away will smooth the process.

Key factors to delivering a campaign in real-time.

Firstly, a thorough understanding of the audience will provide better insights and build confidence in the direction of a campaign. Content has to work in the channel and be delivered efficiently. The best results don’t always depend on a celebrity endorsement or three-week shoot in Barbados.

An effective agency will start with the outcome and define the most efficient route to that goal. It can hurt sometimes, but it helps to be agnostic about the skill sets required for a campaign. 

Content fuels inbound marketing programmes. The better the content, the better the results will be. And the quicker you can develop great content the faster the whole machine will work.


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